If you could go back in time, what are 3 things you would do differently when learning to play guitar.

I wouldn't buy a guitar with a tremolo
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started with classical music, gotten a teacher that was GOOD, learned more fingerpicking
Buy a Vox AD30VT
Save up more and buy a standard epi LP instead of LP100
Learn scales in depth more.
Learn to read music before I learned guitar
Take lessons
Take music theory
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1. learned more theory instead of songs
2. never had bought my line 6 spider III 30
3. don´t know lolo i only have 2 regrets i think
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Practiced pure alternate picking more, now I economy pick and I want to PURELY alternate pick.

Practice 3 string sweeps sooner, I played 5 string sweeps at first thinking I was awesome, but they sounded like ass.

Have better bends/vibrato, they're my weak spot at the moment, everything else is fine
Would have focused clearly on playing, instead of everything else.
Would have taken lessons with a good teacher, who taught me all types of music and the theory behind it.
And I would have joined my main guitar forum before I started playing to help me with the knowledge on everything musical, instead of joining it years later.
1. Never smoked.
2. Never drank.
3. Never got married.

4. Started playing at a much younger age.
start earlier, learn thoery, got lessons
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practiced more often
actually practiced what i was paying to be taught
started when i got my 1st guitar as opposed to 2 years later
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learned proper wrist position. stuck out lessons, learned to read music and or tab.
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1. learn how to tune my guitar the day i got it, not 5 months later.
2. learn how to read music.
3. learn on a acoustic instead of electric.
Learn theory from the beginning
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Like most:

1. Learned classical guitar and/or music theory
2. Never bought an Digitech RP200A (God, I hate that box o' sh***)
3. Didn't say: "I'll take the G310 instead of the G400, it looks cooler".
3.(Maybe this one more): Not wasting my time on the internet, whilst I should be studying for my exams...
1. practise more.

that's all.... I believe
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- never buy new
- learn how to read guitar other than tabs
- never bought a guitar with a floyd
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never EVER EVER EVER have signed up for this site!

and secondly, not have bought my Spider III for a firsty....