ok... as a lot of people know, there have been counterfeit Fenders, Gibsons, Ibanez, and sadly, even Epiphones from China circulating online

and then I started wondering... since those Chinese counterfeit makers go for high-end or popular name brands, do they make counterfeit PRS and G&L as well???

I've never heard of these but given that they copy Epiphone les pauls, I think it's pretty plausible (although G&L may not be that well known in that side of the globe)

so anyone seen/heard of such things?
If there are such guitars, I would seriously praise those counterfeiters for their effort
There are plenty of PRS copies. Dillion makes some, I think.

I've never seen something that was explicitly a G&L copy, but I'm sure they exist. Most of it is just rehashes of Leo Fender's previous designs.

EDIT: Dillion has rough approximations, at the very least. The bridge is the only really "wrong" thing about it. I'm sure there are others that are more accurate somewhere.
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Are those Dillions any good?
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no... im not talking about legitimate brand guitars who just borrowed the design

i mean like those chinese fake counterfeits.... U know? like fake Zakk Wylde Customs that are being sold in ebay???
they list them as if they are authentic (purists hate me) epiphones but they are actually cheaply built fakes being shipped from china
If it's expensive, someone will knock out a copy, so yes, there will be fakes of all of the top end guitars - you just might not see them as often as you see Gibsons, Fenders etc.
I wonder how good those dillians are! Look purdy...
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^as of dillions, i've generally heard that they are not too bad
I know for PRS-like models, Michael Kelly or Cort M600 are also alright for the price
actually I heard that Cort M600 are pretty awesome