Well as the title said I am new to customizing. I have a Ashton electric guitar and stats as follow

- AG Series body
- Solid tone wood
- Rosewood fingerboard
- Maple neck
- Bolt on neck attachment
- 25 ½” scale length
- 22 fret
- Chrome hardware
- Standard style tremolo with
trem arm
- Chrome die-cast machine heads
- Built-in tuner
- HB/S/S pickups
- 5-way switching
- VOL/TONE/TONE controls

Pretty basic. Now I would like to know, what should I do with it? I rather customize it as I have absolutely no money. Can you guys at UG help me out? Any sites you can link me to etc. Any help appreciated.
! AG131?

If you do, I have the same gat. I haven't done anything with mine yet though. Uhmm..

Maybe paint it? Fix up the hardware? Guitar Fetish has some cheap stuff you could get.
Which "solid tone wood" is it? And there isn't much you can really do without spending money...