Ive recorded this whole song on the spot.
Ive used a program called absynth, and guitar effects on my amp to create this.
Im not exactly sure what genre this is as I don't usually venture into making this type of music, it just, sorta happened :P
I need help of the exact genre and also crit.
Thanks guys.


"song titled ambient"
In terms of pitch and tonality I think it's really well composed, but dynamically there's a lot more you could do with it. For an ambient song, there isn't that much dynamic variation, all tone colors are fairly prevalent which isn't characteristic of ambient music, some simple things you could do with it, is just to bring the levels of the synth down and add some fairly thick reverb to it, that way it will kind of sit in the mix, rather than overpower the entire mix. Another thing you could add to it, is some more really soft toned ambient noises, try and experiment with recording you're own samples, and try various things to make them sound kind of wierd but not in a distracting way. recording noises and reversing them is a good way to do that. Try to keep in mind that ambient music doesn't focus on a particular instrument or feature, its more about how it all comes together, and how different notes, chords, and tone colors create unity and contrast in the mix.
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Really good advice.
Thanks, Ill take it all on board.
The idea with the synth being lowered and added reverb is exactly what I was looking for.