What Tuning does In Flames use for Sountrack to Your Escape and Come Clarity. More Specificaly, the song My Sweet Shadow and Come Clarity.

I've looked but its all wrong.

both Björn and co-guitarist Jesper Stromblad tuned their guitars C,F,Bb,Eb,G,C. On the new records they use this same tuning with the lowest string dropped to Bb.

From the wiki page (it must be right! :p )
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Think Drop A, A standard or Aflat for Soundtrack and same thing but with C possibly on Come Clarity as far as anything i've seen. But they do tune that low on almost all of their stuff with the exceptions of some weird ones. Like Some of the songs off of sense of purpose tune above standard.
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Ok, I don't get this tuning:

C G D# A# F A#

How do you tune to A# on those, its either loose as hell or too tight. Or am I reading it the wrong way lol

EDIT: isnt that Drop A#, but backwards?
i have 13's for drop a on a 24.75 scale guitar, go with a 14 for the A string and 13s for the rest.