***Last Sunday was the first time we've been able to practice in almost a month. All we did was bitch and complain the whole practice. A song I had singal-handidly wrote was all of a sudden not good enough, when it was "awesome" before. Not to mention they were trying to tell me that my tone sucked by trying to say it would sound much better scooped

It doesn't help the fact that nobody else but me knew what the hell they were talking about, including the other guitarest. So our new bassist showed up today and he helped me kill their theory Yet the entire time they're trying to punk me in front this guy after I worked so hard get him. He has a bunch experience, his own pro gear, and an 8-track recorder with 2 mics (both which we were missing and no one had cash for) To be honest, they should be kissing my ass.

I'm the only one who requests practice on a regular basis, the only one who knows any music theory, AND the only one that is constantly coming up with new stuff. YET I'm the least experience, 2 years. This is my first band so I don't want quit, but I almost did on principle today. Is this **** normal with bands starting out?***

That was a previous thread I made a few months ago. I haven't brought this up for a few months because I was certain that my problem had resolved itself. Unfortunately I was wrong.

We haven't practiced for a few weeks, but that's hardley our fault. One of us has been gone for a few weeks and we practice at his place. But since the last post I made we've having the same problems again, but now the bassist doesn't show up anymore. It hardly has to do with his schedule either. I think he sensed the turmoil we were displaying while he was there a little too much.

We got along just fine, the bassist and I. We've known each other for quite sometime and I think that when he noticed how the rest of the band was treating me he probably sensed a sinking ship when he was on it.

Though that's harsh to say about us. Since then we've made a 1 year plann basically: Have 5 songs written and recorded by Christmas and recorded as well. Just before Christmas our other guitarest is deploying for 4 months. We'll practice our asses off to get the songs perfect for Live senarios and by the time he comes back in April we'll be tight and all he has to do is catch up. He'll be taking his guitar to Iraq, so it shouldn't be too tough. Then by June we start playing live and tour for 2 weeks at a time on the west coast.

But I've had a sneaky suspicion that after they get the material they need from me that they plan on giving me the boot. You know, work your ass off, come up with material, learn it, then toss the source. We do fight alot, and I'm a bit of an outsider in the group, but I was hoping they would look at it from a professional standpoint. They know I'm serious and that I'm always down too practice and work my ass off on something they want. I hate this feeling, and I've considered doing the same thing to the band that they plan on doing to me: once the material is there take it and leave to another band and get rights to all the music with the new band so that it couldn't be copywritten, thus the old band has nothing. Yeah it's dirty , but this is a buissness and a passion, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let someone take what I poured my sweat and passion into and leave ME with nothing.

I'll keep you guys posted
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Wow, long.
But I agree with you, those guys sound like douchebags.
I would do the same thing.
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im gonna be honest, I didnt read all that. I got thru the first paragraph then drifted off. But I agree with the above poster. :/
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Umm.. I have no experience about bands at all. But according to what I know, it's pretty normal for bands to fight, but I'm not a trusty pole. :S And I have a serious suggestion.. Copyright your work.

you+bassist+new band=profit?
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I really don't want to leave, especially if I'm just being paranoind about the situation. Which may be entirely true. But still, when has "practice" become the 2 most frightened sylabols to other people?
I would leave. Seriously, if I was the main contributer of a band (like I usually am), and I got treated the way you are being treated, I'd be out. Write material by yourself, so when you come across a new band, or decide to form a new one, you'll have lots of jumping off points.
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you+bassist+new band=profit?

It's a thought, and a good one at that. But good singers/screamers are hard to come by. Same thing with drummers and lead guitarest. Seriously, if we had a legit lead player I would absolutely know my role as rythem and nothing else. That's another thing right now, they are calling the other guitarest the lead player hands down, which is, uh, pushing it a little Seriously, I love rythem and if I had someone that completly trumped me, I would be estatic. More writing and brainstorming and less bickering on who gets to play the lead melody.
It sounds like you're being a bit tetchy about your bandmates disliking your idea, to be honest. I hate to sound rude, but it sounds like your bandmates weren't too keen on your song and they just said it was 'awesome' to pacify you. You've just got to realise that a band is a democratic thing- you're not the only member of the band.
id reccommend staying in the band until you find another one, with members you get along with and respect you, etc. however, do not provide any of your material to them. if they dont like it, they wont play it, and if they do, theyll keep it after you leave because once you put it froward its the bands and not yours. so yeah just do that. youll have a chance for a better band in the future.
If your band aren't practicing and arguing constantly then whats the point. All bands argue including mine but usually we sort it out in 2 minutes. I say "prepare a new band by finding a singer, drummer and contacting your bassist friend and then quit.