Our drum kit is way to loud to play with... anyway to make it quieter? help
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In my old band they had either a pillow or a blanket in the bass drum to quiet it a bit.
I'm not a drummer so I don't know the best way to do it.
I'm sure there's something you can either put in the drums, or on the drum head itself to dampen the sound.
The main problem is the crash and ride cymbals.
I came here to drink milk and kick ass.

... And I've just finished my milk.
for the bass drum just cram towels, foam, blankets, or anything to dampen the sound.

for the snare and toms get a decent piece of foam and ductape.

- cut the foam into 1*1inch pieces for each skinned instrument.
- put the foam about an inch away from the rim, and then tape it down with the tape sticking to the skin, then over the foam, and then anchoring it to the side of the shell.

I'm not sure about the cymbals... perhaps placing tape on it and/or using the foam and tape method may dampen them. do keep in mind that the tape may leave sticky residue on the cymbals when removing.
im also a drummer and guitarist so i can help

get some cheap practice pads and put them on the drums but if you're gigging then you probably dont want to do that because they sound terrible with them on but are ok for practicing
put a small circle of thick cloth or foam underneath and/or over top of the cymbals
Hot Rods. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ProMark-Hot-Rod-Sticks?sku=443400&src=3SOSWXXA
And I'm pretty sure putting things in the bass drum just makes it sound nicer? But, granted is does make them quieter.
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idk because hot rods only make the cymbals quieter
not the rest of the drums
but if you can mute the drums like hadeed said
then use hot rods
you should be in good shape
ok dont do this duct tape, pillow crap, it wrecks the sound of the drum completly

either drum silencers (pick up a cheap set)
mesh heads, which make drums alot quieter
use hot rods or brushes, (it does make both drums and cymbals quiter)


buy an electronic set and put it through an amp then its controllable
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