You probably remember me from my "No Hard Rock For You" thread. We'll I got a new situation now. My guitar instructor and one of my best friends just passed away. In honor of him im sticking to my beleifs musically. We're playing whatever we want. This show will be softer than all our others, but its more of a tribute show to him now. I just want a recap on my setlist. Im the lead singer/only guitarist.

1. "Vasoline" Stone Temple Pilots
2. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" The Clash
4. "Go Ahead" Original (Upbeat, heavy Zeppelin style)
5. "Stave" Original (Grungy Mudhoney like)
6. "Raincloud" Original (First song I ever wrote, he helped me right it)
7. "Shadow On The Sun" Audioslave
8. "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd (Only twist is no drums or bass. Bassist will play rhythm guitar, drummer lead, and I will sing)
9. "Everlong" Foo Fighters (The very last song I ever played with my guitar instructor, it will just be me singing and playing my acoustic)

So do you think that'll be a decent set to honor my late great friend?
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Dude do whatever you think you got to do.
But it's a really great list of you ask me.
I would be pleased if some one played that for me when I am gone.
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It's a good set list. Sounds like a good show.
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sounds good.
good luck man...
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Wish You Were Here and Everlong would be a good songs to end with, what with them both being acoustic and you won't have to change instruments more than once. Good list.
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The name's Garrett.

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Looks good to me... and I'm pretty critical when it comes to set lists.

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looks good
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Good set list nice mix of everything.
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I like the set list! Its got a good variety. Lovin the STP, Foos, AC/DC, and a Clash song that isn't I fought the Law.
Yes, actually that's a very good set list. I would say do one of the less heavy metallica songs as well, like maybe "Nothing Else Matters" or "Fade To Black" as your final song of the night.
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If i were you i would have ended it with a slower song like Simple man or Time of your life, but that is just me. Other than that its a great set.
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