Poll: Digitech whammy or Multi effects pedal???
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Digitech Whammy
9 64%
Multi effects Pedal (specify in post, cheers)
5 36%
Voters: 14.
I will be playing a lot of radiohead and muse style music.
Any suggestions on the multi effects pedal let me know in your comments, but it has to be around £120 like the whammy :P
I would go with a multieffects, but since you can only spend that much just get the Whammy as there probably aren't processors of quality at that price.
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go for a multi effects i recomend the rp-500 it comes with the whammy effets built in to it in american money the whammy is 200$ and the rp-500 is 300$ i have both of them and a rp-500 is a excellent pedal full of effects
The digitech rp500 costs over 200 quid in England! And he asked for stuff around £120. Just get the whammy if it's what you want, TS.
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DIGITECH WHAMMY!build a pedalboard,those multi effect things are bollocks,trust me.If you want to sound like radiohead look at Jonny and Eds pedalboard
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