So, I know there are more than a few peeps from Toronto here.

TORONTO - Police are evacuating a northwest Toronto neighbourhood (Keele & Wilson) following dozens of explosions at what residents say is a propane depot.

Witnesses at the scene early Sunday morning said the explosions were occurring every few seconds and shook buildings in the area, waking residents from their sleep.

Clouds of black smoke can been seen billowing hundreds of metres into the air.

Scores of police and emergency vehicles are on the scene trying to keep people out of the danger zone.

There has been no word of any injuries.


A propane refinery exploded, or something. And it was fucking cool, I'll admit.

Any of you dudes from there know what's going on better? It hasn't hit major news outlets. If not, well, look at the pretty explosion.
holy ****
that's pretty crazy, i'm surprised no-one got hurt!

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The guy recording it said oh my God like 20 times...

That was a pretty brutal explosion though
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I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't know any Gordon Freeman.

It's just a flesh wound!
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Must have been really nasty. But how could a refinery be so close to a residential area?

Because it's a propane depot, not a refinery. Threadstarter didn't get his facts straight
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Apparently, some people in Niagara on the mother****ing Lake heard and saw that.

Lost interest.
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My dad worked at that propane station :'(

Now you must eat yourself! D:
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It was intense. I was in my igloo skinning a moose when the explosion happened...it was one of the scariest moments of my life!
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Yeah, I'm glad I don't live near there, but I've got some friends who do...

No body was killed... and only a few injured, though!

EDIT: My friend's Igloo was melted from the fire

(It was surprisingly cold last night, eh??)
^Yeah I was aboot to make some Maple Syrup Cider to warm myself up, but then the big explosion happened eh.
Here's what the critics are saying about Hanzi_G:

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Hanzi_G = god damned prophet.

well...i probably live the closest to this blast than anyone else on UG, just outside the evacuation area (1.6 km radius from the plant), a block away everything is blocked off

it woke me up, shook the whole house, stepped outside and saw the flames, we turned on 680 news and the reports made me laugh, "a possible explosion", i swear i heard at least 50 explosions
and they kept giving off false reports, first they said it was the shell gas station on wilson between keele and dufferin, then they said the "hotel" (probably meant the condo that used to be the travellodge) was on fire

so my dad and i walked up to keele and wilson, we walked through the parking lot at Downsview Plaza, where the Dominion is, and there were hundreds of police cars, ambulences, fire trucks, toronto hydro, buses, etc
i didnt really think much about it, until this cop started yelling at us "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE THIS IS A COMMAND CENTRE"
they could have taped the area off or something

****ing had a horrible time trying to get to work this morning, subway was closed north of lawrence, buses werent passing through the area, had to walk down to Jane
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No body was killed...

a firefighter died, and one plant employee is still unaccounted for

and ya it was so cold last night i couldnt believe it
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