Hey, I'm a new member here. I play guitar for abou a year now but I don't have an instructor or a teacher or anything. I come across scales and I know how some sound like and look like, but I know there is a concept and explanation behind them.

Does every chord have a scale? How do I make solos which will sound acompanied to the rest of the song, what scales I need to use? What is a scale?

I tried to search in lessons but I still don't really get it.....
Your trying to run before you can crawl.

If you want to learn to write solos using scales you have to take alot of time learning theory.

Does every chord have a scale?

Exactly the opposite. Chords are derived from scales, not the other way round.

There are hundreds of scales, determining which one you want to use depends on many things. The sound you want to produce, the chord progression you use, etc etc.

My suggestion is if you want to use scales, start with the absolute basics of theory and work up.

1) Learn the note names
2) Learn the MAJOR scale - And i dont just mean the notes in it, learn how its constructed, how you actually MAKE the major scale, the theory behind it.

These are the first two things any guitarist wanting to learn theory should do.
Been away, am back
Thank you so much!! And I know I'm going a bit too fast but still I wanted to have a general idea, so again thank you very much for your help!