hey UG, i was just playing with my bridge to adjust the string action and tension, and i was just wondering. will lowering the action and tension of the strings make it easier to slap and pop? another thing, how does changing the height of the pickups affect the sound?

thanks in advance!
The tension of the string?

You either mean the intonation or the actual note at the machine head... either way if you don't know what it will do, do not do it.

Lower action will make it easier to get slap sounds (the thumps specifically), but unless you know how to set up low action, you are going to have the fret buzz of a lifetime.

Higher pickups generally mean more sound is... picked up. There is a delicate balance in pickup height because too high or too low means bad sound,
Setting up isn't that hard. If you read the FAQ you should be able to do it. If you have a clue what you are doing you won't hurt anything. But basically what you want is the lowest action while not having fret buzz, you just lower it till it feels right. Keep in mind that even if you are slapping, low action isn't required.