First off, this is a pretty heavy song. I wrote it keeping in mind a brutal mosh pit to make sure I could capture some aggression. Used a Pod XTL and an Alexi-600 LTD, and threw in a couple bass drops to spice up the mix.

"Winds of Armageddon"

I really like the sound of that intro and how your riff just hits you in the face with some brutality out of nowhere. Also the drum change ups in the main riff are sick. One thing i'd change is that the leads are a bit loud and kinda drown out the other instruments. I could definitely see some fat mosh pits for this song though. If it were my song,which it definitely easy so feel free to discard this, i'd bring a way more intense and heavy breakdown version of that piano intro towards the end of the song cus that would sound epic. Kudos bro.
nice intro...very creepy and a little disonant. the riff is brutal as hell! i like the drum breakdown, but i thought that the snare could be equed so it was less bassy. i like your polyrythmic style in some spots. the leads were a tiny bit loud. also, i think you should back off on the treble a bit. overall, this was really cool, and very heavy

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