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A short strange progressive metal guitar piece I wrote the other day.
A twist of Dream Theater meets Megadeth meets Savatage lol

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the riff sounds cool, I like some of the small guitar twists and fills, the rythme afterwoods is nice and heavy, maybe you could make it sound a little crunchier, I got a bit of an Iron Maiden feel when you played the lead around the 45th second, it was cool, all in all it's really good, you should add vocals, and also what do you use to record??/?

crit mine???

I like it. It sounds pretty treble-heavy on my speakers here, I think the rhythm guitar could be brought out more.
Also the synth stuff kind of stands out a lot, like the contrast of sounds and stuff. Maybe try a different sound/instrument or mix/balance so it integrates into the style more. The riffs sound very clean though, and those drums are sweet. I'd never heard of Drumkit from Hell.

Take a look at "Transit Theory 1" ?
the drum track caught my attention at the beginning, what are you using for that? dfh? loved the riffs and the whole prog feel to it, and liked the production. i agree about the whole treble thing, if you could add some "weight" to it, it'd sound alot nicer. nice composition though man, and tight playing, i really enjoyed it
Thanks guys. DFH is really a great program for the bedroom guitarist, I would definitively recommend it to all. Thanks for all the advice, I'll try mixing it again.