One of my fav gutiars is my yamaha pacifica 402s, got it for my 18th birthday and i just love the thing, apart from those stock pickups... they're just too weak to really have that tele twang. So basically i'm looking to put something a bit better in. Dont want to spend a fortune on a new set of EMG-T or duncans so wonder if anyone's got anything out there?

The hardware is all gold so would be looking for a gold neck pickup but will definately consider a black uncovered neck PU.

Based in the UK but 2 pickups wouldnt cost a lot to send from USA or otherwise. I dont really have a maximum price i'm looking for, just not silly money. Please include a price you're wanting to sell them at if you post or PM

Cheers people!
check out iron gear pickups from www.axetec.co.uk there cheapish but really amazingly good
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