So this is going to be pretty odd question as i dont know how to word it.

I literally know nothing about amps. Never had the money to invest so i've always stuck with a basic little Mg which sounds...not good. Lol. Also i have a line 6 floor pod, which i'm interested in selling.

I recently got a bit of money (£1300) and thought i may as well get a new amp or effects pedal/processor or something.

I was going to buy the Boss Gt-10 and sell my amp and floor pod, so i went to my music store and ordered one. Butt the guy there said that i could the same tone out of a Vox amp and for a better price.

I'm really not sure what to do, i'm looking to spend about £400 maybe to get this sound (Just something that sounds good!), but have no clue what to get.

Should i get the Gt-10? If so, what shall i run it through? I don't mind buying an amp AS well but it wont be prime if i spend the money on a gt-10 as well.

Do i just get an amp? If so what sort?

What would be better, buying the gt-10 or an amp?

I will be using it for live shows, as well as practice and band practice.

I play usually death metal/heavy metal and Neo-classical shred kind of thing if that helps.

sorry for the wall of text.
Get a Peavey 6505+. It will suit your needs well, a nice cab with it. You don't need a 4X12, a nice 2x12 will do nicely.

If you want a wider range of tone , I'd suggest a Peavey Classic 30, or a Laney VC50/VH100R.
Never thought of a peavey tbh. Never played one either. What's the price on that? Does it have the effects and sound that the gt-10 has?
The GT-10 will give massive versatility, but it won't do any one thing spectacularly.
If you know the sound you want to go for, your better off buying something suited to your sound. It won't come with a ton of effects though and won't do a ton of different things. It's a compromise you'll have to decide on yourself.
A good 2-channel high gain tube amp would probably be your best investment. Based on the style of music you play, you might want to check out the following:

Peavey 6505+
Peavey JSX
Marshall DSL or TSL
Randall MTS
Carvin V series

I know several shred players that get great results from all of these amps...
Quote by BC_Warlock
Never thought of a peavey tbh. Never played one either. What's the price on that? Does it have the effects and sound that the gt-10 has?

No. But the GT-10 will not beat a great amp or effects.

Buy a Peavey 6505 combo, buy a phaser/delay/whatever effects you need, as I doubt you'd need every single one out there, and you'll have a really great sound that you'll love.
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