Click Here to go to a search engine that combines results from Google.com and Ask.com. When you search, you randomly get Swag Bucks. These Swag Bucks can then be exchanged for prizes. Many artists and Sports teams have one of these, I use the avenged sevenfold one. You don't have to get avenged sevenfold prizes though, there are loads of others. Like there's a flat screen tv for 9999 swag bucks, or a $5 game voucher for 10 swag bucks.

Yeah I'm totally addicted to this ::type

Oh i should probably say, it's only available to people in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.
Anytime I see one of these links with an ID in the url, I know it only benefits you. Nice try.
"In peaceful sedation I lay half awake, and all of the panic inside starts to fade. Hopelessly drifting, bathing in