Overpopulation is THE problem, eh?

i know its a problem, but i don't think its the only one

I have no idea what they want you to do, just think of some for both sides, then just wing it

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no idea but your avatar wins
say the positive things of overpopulation??

maybe i dunno

pray that you have some Irish in you, that would help.
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This fine fellow speaks the truth.

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dude sonic music??? you're my hero!

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Love you

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+1 to the man up the top.
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i just got the boss mt-2 metal zone pedal today. i got the adapter for it but how do i know if its charging?
You have to agree with he statement, say that overpopulation is a problem.

You couldn't have an easier debate.
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Yeah you'll have to say why overpopulation is the problem, talk about resource balance etc
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