So after being unsatisfied with my 6505...i sent it back and am now once again on the search for a new tube amp head.

Anyways...here is my criteria

-METAL! All sorts, prefer a really death metalish tone....but I would also like 80s stuff like maiden and priest if at all possible, im also not a huge fan of a scooped tone but if the amp handles it well, i might delve into it. Loads of musical gain...not bees buzzing gain.

-Versatility: not required but prefered

-Smooth overdrive. I want brutal rhythm...but id like to at the same time get shimmering highs that scream so i can go straight into a solo without any buzzyness or fizzyness

-HUGE low end. I want peoples' chests to ache. I love balls.

-Sounds good at household friendly levels. No fizzyness/weakness. This is a must...and I dont exactly mean bedroom. I mean not loud enough to piss off the neighbors. Think basement of a 3 story home....think a loud scream/shout volume...

Budget: ~1500 USD...can go over a bit maybe...wouldnt mind going under :p

Right now im leaning towards an Engl Fireball

This will be played on a Marshall 1960 slant cab loaded with Celestion G12-75's

all suggestions are appreciated
from what ive heard...i think the powerball would be too tight for my taste

also whats the street price on a mark IV
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