Is there a way to use a roland cube 60 and plug an ipod into it? as well as your guitar of course. I didnt see an aux plug on it. if theres a way to plug it into i heard something about the tuner? anyway help is appreciated.
um yea you can buy a cord that at one end plugs into the input of the microcube and the other end fits into an ipod
no no i mean like how some amps have an aux port so you can play along to your ipod. thats what i mean i already have the adapter thing for 1/4" to 1/8"
No it does not have any additional inputs on the cube 60. The other jack sockets are tuner out, ext speaker out, line out and then the effects foot switches.
Just buy an iPod dock or run it through your PC speakers....why are people obsessed with plugging MP3 and CD players into their amps???
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