My uncle Dave is after buying a cheap first guitar. He's asking me for advice, as he's found a guitar he likes the look of. It's £80 on eBay (CLICK), and the company have a website here (CLICK). I don't know what his exact 'budget' is. But I should think- as little as possible. I've already recommended the usual Yamaha Pacifica for electric, and Yamaha APX for acoustic. So don't bother posting just to say one of them. He likes this Lindo guitar because it's different.

Has anyone played one? Does anyone know anyone who has one? I'm not expecting a lot for £80, but that doesn't mean it won't be decent, either. The guitar itself has some strange features. Most notably- a locking nut! On an acoustic! There is a year warranty, and seven day money back, if that makes a difference. This guitar has me stumped, really. I've never heard of Lindo guitars, which means they're either really crap, or they're just a little-known company making guitars. I'm sure the guitar itself will have been made in China or Indonesia, but the company is based in Bath, England.

At this point, I've advised him to buy it, since if it's crap, he can just return it. Any good input would be really helpful, though. Thanks in advance. I'm going to give Dave the link to this thread, so he can look at the replies himself.

I imagine they are just reselling guitars made in the far east, but any guitar you buy for that price isnt going to be great. You could try it and return it if its a lemon, though sometimes flaws dont come out till youve played it a while.

The only guitar i could recommend is a tanglewood acoustic, my dad has a cheap one that sounds great for the price, about £100, not sure what the model is though.
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All online reviews of Lindo guitars are really bad, they make brand new strats for £39.99, and the quality looks really bad. And the quality doesn't look much better on this either IMO. For £99 you can get a starter fender acoustic, they had them in my old guitar shop and they sounded great for the price.
This guy at my old college bought himself a Lindo bass for £35. The fret job was awful, and it felt really flimsy and sounded just as weak, but with a good setup it did the job.
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My friend has a lindo sg, i can't tell it apart from an epi g400, it sounds great
not sure about there other sutff though