Check out my band at www.myspace.com/carnage2323

There are no live recordings up yet, and all material is done with a drum machine software until I can get the full band together. So keep that in mind. I would record guitars myself but I can write better than I can play right now. For lack of better terms the genre would be Progressive/Metal-core/Experimental. I know having keyboards doesnt make the sound experimental but I just throw that in there to avoid listing it as other. The vocals are all rush jobs and I havent recorded clean stuff yet so I'll post an update when real recordings get put up. But check it out for now.
I checked it out. I like metalcore/progressive music, but your stuff just didn't appeal to me. It may be me, it may be the quality, hell, it may be the actual playing. I'll keep an eye on you, though.
honestly I think it may be the quality because when I listen to the songs in there current format it kinda throws me off too. I could be wrong though.
Yea I figured there'd be like a hundred bands with the same name, but so far I think I'm the only one