hey, can anbody tell me whats the difference between the Bill Lawrence L500XL and the SD Dimebucker? I have a dean dime o flame with the dimebucker, but i wanted to know what a switch of the two would change, or if i should change it..... thanks in advance
Many prefer the sound of the Bill Lawrence. It gives a rounder sound, whereas the Dimebucker gives more of a screeching trebly sound.

Of course, the Bill Lawrence has plenty of high-end, too, but it sounds warmer and rounder overall.
I own the Bill Lawrence and it is much better. It keeps its clarity, something that the Dimebucker fails to do.
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The bill lawrences are awesome and the dimebuckers are ehh. I just put the bill lawrence into my schecter. turned a ****ty guitar to awesome.
The Bill Lawrence is what Dimebag originally used, so it will give a much more accurate Dimebag tone than the dimebucker
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