Hi… messing around with this fingerpicking/strumming piece… what other different (easy) chords could be added here (key of G)?

  G             C            D             C  
e ----3------------0------------2------2------0------0---
b -----------0------------1----------3-------------1-----
g ---------0------------0----------1-------------0-------
d -------0------------2---------0------------------------
a -----------------3--------------------------3----------
e ----3-------------------------------------------------- etc.

e ---------2----------------2-4-2
b -------3--------------- 2---------2
g ----2-----------------2------------2
d - 0- ----------------4 -------------4
Well, that's a I-IV-V in the key of G, one of the most common chord progressions ever. I recommend you read this lesson on what chords fit into a key, and then come back to us if you have any questions.

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Any chords in G major of course. A Cadd9 tends to sound good as a substitution of plain C Major. Am and Bm, as well as the Em already mentioned would be great also. And read Senor TwoFoot's link.