which should i get?
peavey classic 30
laney vc30 212
laney vc30 112

i play mainly heavy rock but i play a fair bit of blues and some metal ( metallica, pantera, machine head)

i think the best way to get the metal tone is to get a pedal or 2 which is kl with me,

i've figured its one of those 3 which i want, im gonna go and play them all but i just wanted to see what your opinion was? and also what pedal(s)

also, if you say the laney, is the 212 worth the extra money over the 112?

the VC is iffy with metal. you'd deffo have to try it. not sure about the C30

if you get the laney get the 112

with the 212 your only really paying for more bulk and weight.....and a larger e-penis
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+1 for all that Stevo said.

You'll probably need an EQ and an OD for either amp.

Don't get the 212, the VC30's speaker's not the best, and if you get the 212, you'll end up buying two speakers instead of one, so 112's the way to go.
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the VC is iffy with metal. you'd deffo have to try it. not sure about the C30

if you get the laney get the 112

with the 212 your only really paying for more bulk and weight.....and a larger e-penis

Although, the VC can do metal nicely. I've tried a few pedals, and an OD on the clean channel works nicely (an OD with gain turned up - not as a clean boost), although you'd need an OD with a lot gain (ie. Marshall Jackhammer, or HT-Dist ) to get a nice metal sound.
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Get the peavey if you're in the USA. If you're in Europe, one of the laneys would be a better idea.
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it depends where you are in the world really - the laney is better value for money in some places, whereas the peavey is better value in others.

They are both pretty similar amps, from what i gather.

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classic 30 all the way! i bought one a few months ago, and with an OD or distortion it can do metal pretty well. the only cons are the boost being not-so-great without a lot of tweaking (don't expect to just hit the switch and have the EQ be the same). it can play thrash (metallica, megadeth) just fine without any pedals, you can even get into some decent metal/hardcore crunch on the gain channel, but it has to be really cranked to get there. it's just like any other tube amp, it sounds pretty good at bedroom/practice volumes, but it really sings when cranked up.

plus, you can score a used classic 30 (at least in the states) for under $400, mine was barely $350 in mint condition. happy hunting , and hope this helps!
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yeah, if you're in england, the vc30 is better value than the classic 30, unless you just happen to prefer the tone of the peavey.

those are all quite vintage-sounding... metal might be a problem.
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