take a look at the pic :

see how the D and B strings are in front of the others?
i dont know why is that but now the fine tuners are not sitting on where should be.

i can loosen the string and get it back(by it i mean the that block where the string is connected) so the fine tuner screw sits on the thingy.. but when i stretch the string the block jumps forward again ;(

anyone knows wth?
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Those saddles adjust the length of the string, It's all to do with your intonation.
Is it intonated properly?

Fret the open string of each string with a tuner and get them to perfect pitch, then fret the 12th fret of each string or a 12th fret harmonic and check if the string is still perfectly in pitch.

Nice guitar btw
Have one myself in blue =]

Just saw the second set of pics
Those mean that they've been turned all the way to fine tune the string to a higher pitch
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Have you, or anyone else, been messing with the intonation by any chance? As far as the fine tuners go they're not "supposed" to be anywhere...they're tuners, they'll be wherever they need to be for the string to be in tune.
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yea i know now the intonation is wrong but how do i move them back?(the saddles u said?)
Wow, that's insane. Those saddles should never be pushed that far forwards...

You say the saddle pops back when you put tension on the string again. To me that suggests that the allen key at the front of the saddle is loosened. Put the saddle where it's supposed to be and then tighten that screw pretty good before putting tension on the strings.
oh yea! i didnt realize its an allen key (quite a small one) .. sorry new floyd rose user..
so this is how im gonna set my intonation? thats gonna be really hard
Yeah, it's the only way unless you can find or make an intonation tool for your particular bridge type.

Actually, if you're a little creative you can fashion a makeshift intonation tool from a small threaded G-clamp and some small bits of junk, but I don't have time to explain it in detail right now.
No problem. I guess now your saddles aren't peeking over the front edge of the trem's baseplate anymore either. So that's gonna save your finish too.
your saddle just slipped for the string tension... the only thing you have to do is
1 lower the string tension
2 unscrew that screw in fron of the saddle with an allen key
3 place the saddle in its place
4 tighten the screw... tight but not enough to brake the screw

and the problem with the fine tuners is that it sits in the back of the saddle... and the saddles of those strings are not on its place... so the fine tuners can rest on them
just unscrew the fine tuner... place the saddle back to its place and put the fine tuner again and then you are set

hope you understand and hope this helps you too... good luck
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