Are the guitars in most guitar stores, such as guitar center, set up before they are put on the floor? i went yesterday pretty stoked to play some guitars and i played some cheaper prs's, a few epiphone les pauls, a gibson les paul, and some sg's. The action on these guitars was so high it was uncomfortable. can the action on them be lowered or is it as low as possible at guitart center.
at a big retail place they're probably just set up to say they're playable. but at my local shop, it's just somebody that owns it, he sets everything up well, and if you wanna try the guitar with a different action if nobodies busy they'll change it for you
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yeah i figured. i was really disappointed when i didnt like a single les paul or sg. i may go to the smaller guitar store which is only in my town. im sure they set up all their guitars or will set one up for me.
Usually it's put on the rack straight outta the box, but alot of the time better companies distribute their guitars already pretty nicely "setup" as in the action is nicely tuned.

Gretsch is one of the examples I can think of off my head, and I think fender does that too pretty much, but with them there is room for improvement.
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At my local shop they're generally set up pretty well, but its independent and the guys who work there are pretty cool.
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