So my dads birthday is coming up and I think I want to grab him a pickup replacement for his Ibanez SZ520

He's always loved the feel of the guitar, but not the sound, so he's never really used it at any of his gigs.

He plays a lot of blues/classic rock stuff through a peavey classic 30. He really likes a super smooth warm kind of sound, rather than something really cutting and chimey.

Put it this way, when he plays his strat he EQs the amp with the Bass at 6, the Mid at 2 and the Treble at 3. It sounds fantastic, but it's also gotta be very loud to be heard.

I've got a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in a similar guitar to his, and he loves them when they're overdriven, but finds them a too thin and chimey when they're played on the clean channel.

Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated.
check out some of the dimarzio line a lot of the pickups they have are very bass and mid oriented.

i think the breed and air norton are 2 of em.
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