Hey guys our band's name is Clearwater and we have 2 new songs on our myspace page that we have wrote and are expecting lots more. We are a small band from Tennessee and we hope to start playing around more. We are pretty good for our age and we have some really good lyrics...

The url is http://www.myspace.com/clearwatercztd

We are saving to buy some better recording gear that's better than the Rockband USB mic that we are using now lol. We average in age at 13.5. So check us out and leave us a replies on what you think and you can also send us a request!
Nice man. When you get enough money, buy a Macintosh Computer with GarageBand on it. I get good sound with it.
As I'm sure you know, the sound quality is...bad. It sounds like you guys have potential as a band, but at the moment everything is really, really, really messy. The drums sound bad, but that's not a real problem. The issue is that the tempo changes several times and makes everything sound very sloppy.

If you guys were to spend some more time on the tunes I expect that they would get a lot tighter. At some points it sounds like things are out of tune, so make sure you guys are in tune before you record .

Overall I think it sounds pretty bad right now, but in a month or two this stuff will probably sound really good (as long as you guys practice).
Ok Thanks. I think part of the issue about stuff sounding out of tune is just what we are recording with.
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the solo is not in the same scale than in Tired of you. And the recordings sound bad. But keep it up. You are good for your age.

Sorry for the potentiale mistake in my reply, I speak french.