I just invested in a new bass amp, that I will also be using as a guitar amp. It's a Fender bassman ten from the 70s.. 60 watt all tube.

I bought that and the peavey forum plus bass guitar you can kinda see in the pictures for $450. And it weighs a lot.. probably 90-100 lbs... but it's good exerise haha
So far if seems pretty gnarly.. and the guitar sounds good in it too. I havn't really cranked it yet though.
I always wrote the bassman off as a guitar amp lol, what does it sound like?
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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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It sounds good with both the guitar and the bass. One of the inputs has a real nice guitar sound but isn't terribly loud.

Bass i was a little bit worried cause I was slapping and it seemed to lower its volume...
After further playing... this amp sounds better with a guitar than a bass! haha.

But that's ok, I'm just starting out on bass. My friend is going to let me test out his tube screamer and a distortion pedal with this so hopefully the colors will really fly!

And it's very loud for 60 watts! we'll see how it holds up in gigs.