hi, i'm having a hard time to improve my fast picking on the E string, like galloping.
Ive been practicing songs like battery, damage inc, four horsemen and raining blood, but i cant see any improvment at all after 4-5 months with these songs.

It just seems impossible for me to get it down, i can play all of those songs semi good if i play on the A string, but when i move up to the E i screw up really bad.
Been practicing slow to get the technique down and a metronome to build up the speed, but no improvment.

I try to practice alot and structure it up, and i see alot of improvment in my overall playing but i still make no improvment at all when it comes to this.
For exampel i can play the metallica - one solo pretty good but i cant play the darkness riff ....

Any advice ?

sorry for bad english
If you can do it on one string but not another it is definitely a technique problem, could you post a video so we can compare the two? Like of you playing on the A and of you trying to play on the E?

That would be the best thing you could do; otherwise I'm not sure how we could help.
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