I don't know if this guy is bull****ting but here


Its odd thinking about Lenny as the new singer I mean its just. . odd, they made that really good song together "always on the run" but that was basically lenny & slash, mix in sorum, duff, kushner and I'm not too sure what it's going to sound like. Also that would make 3 guitarists in the band too!
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Seems like total BS to me...
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I also call bull****
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Seems like total BS to me...

i dunno
slash worked with lenny kravitz before on lennys album "mama said"
There was a rumour that Myles Kennedy was gonna be singer for them, he said in an interview that he went for an audition, it was the internet blowing things out of proportion.

Myles <3<3<3<3<3
As much as I want this to be true, I'm pretty sure it's BS.
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