Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying a schecter guitar. I've been playing the guitar for 16 years now and I've never of schecter before but I fell in love with it on first sight hehe.
The music I play is mostly (death)metal and by looking at the different models I narrowed it down to the:

Demon fr

or the

Hellraiser C-1 fr

In Holland (where I live) there is no shop where I can try them out (a shame I know) so can you tell me wich one you prefer (and why)? for example the sound difference between Duncan and EMG...

I already own an ibanez RG and an ESP ltd MH-201
Amp: Marshall mode four

i have the damien fr, i love it, the fr isnt that great with drop tunings, unless i just dont know what im doing with that.
The ESP and Ibanez I have are tuned in D and C. Indeed a little struggle with adjustments but I still prefer fr istead of constantly re-tuning durig play.
I'm getting the Schecter Damien -6- like...wednesday. I use D standard a lot so I didn't bother with the fr.

But if you can get the Hellraiser...man that thing is a beauty.
Lets see...

The Hellraiser has EMG's and an original floyd rose...

The Damien has a fake floyd and ripoff pickups.