Which is better? I need it mostly for jamming/practicing, but also the occasional recording. I would also like to monitor it through to my Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 Vintage Combo amp. I'm using Windows XP SP3 (So hopefully drivers shouldn't be an issue)

Of course any other recommendation in that price range is welcome
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Wrong form, try R&R

Anyways the EMU is my mind is better since its USB 2.0 compared to the 1.1 toneport. The preamp is also better in it from what I know.

I've yet to try the EMU but I had a Toneport and was not impressed much at all...

Drivers are not an issue but I don't know how you will run to an amp, I suggest getting a small PA instead...the output from a guitar and recording device is different and so you may get some strange results mostly in the volume department.
Oh of course. Didn't see that forum. Thanks for the reply though. Yeah I was thinking it would give some strange results, but I read some posts about a guy who had some good results with it. Anyways, that isn't so important, as being able to record/jam. I can always buy a proper PA or some monitors.