So like the title says, I've been trying to decide what to ask for for christmas. I've got a Woodstock strat (cream colored, with reverse headstock and a reversed bridge pickup), and just bought a Blackheart Little Giant half stack. So I'm not to happy with how my podxt live sounds through the little giant so I've been considering getting some pedals for it and just using the pod with my ss amp. Anyways, I've come up with 3 different things, and I wanted to see what other people would prefer, seeing as I'm torn between all 3 options.
So, my first option would be to get a set of Fender Custom Shop 69's for my strat. I read that they are still handwound by a team led by Abigail Ybarra, the lady who wound Hendrix's pickups. Since I don't have any plans on ever getting rid of my guitar, I've been thinking it would be pretty awesome to have a replica of Hendrix's Woodstock strat with the same pickups and everything when im 30 years old. Plus I kind of want to get them before she dies...
My second option would be to get a really good pedal or two. Most likely a tubescreamer and a wah pedal.
My last option would be to replace the speaker on the cabinet, as I've heard that improves the tone alot. I've heard that celestion greenbacks are very good speakers. If it helps, I mostly play blues, and classic and hard rock.
Fender Pickups are overpriced, get a set of Dimarzio Area series
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its 5 months til crimbo

you WILL change your mind by then
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo
its 5 months til crimbo

you WILL change your mind by then

+ ∞

GAS makes it an impossibility to plan things like this.

I can't count the number of times I've changed my mind about what I want to buy myself for Christmas when I started saving back in June. Right now it's a Les Paul, but I'm teetering back towards a PRS...
You're lucky, some of us *cough*me*cough* don't have enough money for nice things to give

The most I'll get is a $60 gift cert for guitar center lol

Get an Ormsby custom guitar
Oh God, please, don't start ripping on this guy because Christmas is still months away.

In any case, yeah, you will change your mind, but a new set of pups would be a nice addition.
I would be inclined to go for new pickups, but the pedals would be very nice, too.
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