Our PA has recently just died on us and we cant go inside the beast to see what the problem is because it'll break the warranty. So while its being repaired were going to use our old crappy amps for vocals but how bad are vocals for them?
my friend used to try and sing through his valvetronix ADVT30... sounded okay i guess, it was fun playing w/ the wah though
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it sounds awsome played through a distorted amp lol. like your satan or something
as long as the amp is decent then it sounds good.

we used it a through a good one and it ruled. a cheap and nasty one though makes it suck
It doesn't sound too bad. Just use the clean channel and mess with your EQ to get it to sound right.
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Vocals through a guitar amp =


Vocals through a bass amp=

Same as above except slightly better

Try borrowing o renting. You probably dont need the full PA for practice, try getting your hands on a second/rented powered monitor
You'll be better off with a transparent sounding amp - a bass amp or keyboard amp usually sound better for vocals than a guitar amp.
vocals through a guitar amp don't sound too great, but they don't need to for practice. The real problem is volume, my band runs vocals through guitar amps and we can never hear them very well.
You can't hear our singer over the other guitars/drums when he uses his Fender amp, its pretty big too.
Quote by JesusOfSbrbia
It doesn't sound too bad. Just use the clean channel and mess with your EQ to get it to sound right.

Yeh he's right, although anything under 15W isnt worth using, since ovbiously guitar amps pick up a certain frequency, vocals just about fit into that bar aswel, but you dont have the same sound boost as you would with guitar, thats the only drawback, and if you put it on OD channel most amps ossicilate like hell and like to implode upon themselves :P

It wont be bad for practising or anything like that, but ovbiously - it cant compete with a PA system.