If I have a fixed bridge as in no tremolo, will I have to make any adjustments if I switch string gauge? I'm currently playing 9-42
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are you going up or down? You might need to adjust string height, truss rod, or intonation.
I think on one level, you might wanna lower the action with thicker strings for speed, as low tunings usually means heaviness. So you need to be able to shred.

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yeah maybe, try to check intonation the intonation... And if you re going up, adjsut the truss rod to not increase the hmm "neck curving".. not sure the sentence is right sorry english is not my first language...

But be carful with that Cya
The thicker strings might have an effect on your intonation. Because they create more tension. So you may have to adjust the truss rod and intonation.