So, while doing some tapping with distortion on, i can hear whole the time some unnecesary noise/buzz/strings ringing. While playing on clean, it's ok, but when i turn the dist on, i can barely hear my playing, it's just like a big mess. What should i do?
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well you take your string plucking hand, and above where you're tapping, put your palm across your strings, for me that stops the noise, and looks like your showing off aswel :P This isnt like shred tapping, so it might be different...
it happens to me as well, and i don't even have to touch the strings to make them ring.
but yeah you really have to be muting the strings you're not playing
Again, mute the strings.

You're probably hitting the strings above the tap without realizing it. It's easy to do when tapping, though.