I currently own two guitars, a prs se custom heavily uprgraded with a emg 60-81 combo. Standard tuning with .9-.46 Used as an all around guitar, i love the emg 60 for clean. Oh ya 18v mod.

I also own a explorer futura fx/ex(the one with the floyd rose) with the emg 85-81 combo. Drop C with .10-.52. Used for drop tuned heavy metal and nu-metal

I want to change my pickup combinations a little. The options are
1. PRS 60/81 Epi 60/81
2. PRS 60/81 Epi Blackouts
3. PRS 60/81 Epi 60/Blackout
4. PRS 60/Blackout Epi 81/81

What are your opinions and thoughts. And yes I know they are all actives, lets keep it that way please and do not recommend a new amp I love my retubed blackheart.
Dimarzio D-Sonic bridge, Breed neck in the PRS.

I don't see why I should only recommend what you've specified - that defeats the point of asking for advice.
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seymour duncan distortion with a seymour duncan 59 in the neck

if you want active go with seymour duncan blackouts in bridge and neck.
Definitely get the Blackouts Metal for the bridge. An EMG 89 is pretty sweet in the neck.