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It just looks like a pointy JS to me...

So how about a JS1200?

yeah, i know it looks a lot like the js, but one of the things i like about it is the shape of the horns.
Well aside from getting lucky with eBay, I think your only choice would be to go custom. I'm sure Ran would make one.
I owned an MX-3 for three days. Got it for $1300, resold for $2500 - although that's purely a vintage rarity premium. It's not much like a JS, really... It's mahogany, ultra thin necks, other crazy (in its heyday) features. Although if you just go by looks, then maybe - except that JS series still use a standard neck heel, whila MX was the first Ibanez with AANJ.

Fun fact is that a Maxxas was the first guitar Ibanez offered to Vai to gain his endorsement deal. He liked it, but went on to design the JEM, which in its turn served as a base for the RG.
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