i currently own a peavey 5150 II and mesa single rec.

love the tone of each, except, peavey's too noisey, mesa needs more balls.

i play progressive death metal.

was thinking of selling both in for a mesa 2:100 power amp and engl e-530 preamp.

never played on each of them(and is damn near impossible for me to try before purchasing)...but have heard good things.

want to to go rack for mutliple reasons but am afraid of losing my amps and getting something that sounds awful.

any one use these before?
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I give up.

ok......how does it sound? any problems? does it compare to a 5150? better worse? tell me somethin man!
might aswell get a engl, there the best of both worlds but engls tend to not cut through the mix as well not unless there mic d up, like mesa but they still have balls.
well from the little playing experience i have with engls.....i hate the savage 120... probably because of the 6505/kt88's in the power section. the master series is sick, but a ridiculous sum of $ and has a million features i would never need or use. so i suppose its hit or miss/personal preference with these amps

the engl e-530 preamp being german made, and the american mesa 2:100 poweramp together...are they even compatible? cuz ive heard the the mesa 2:90 simulclass sucks with anything or than the mesa triaxis pre.