I just saw this in my MF catalog... but i can't find it anywhere on their site.

I think that LP shape with a maple fretboard just looks stunning. Does anyone know what kind it is/where i can find one on the web at? Just curious as to its specs and price.

It looks like it says Rogue on the headstock, but i'm not sure.

its rogue... musiciansfriend's house brand
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Do you know what kind of rogue it is, or have any links?

I'd like to know it's specs/price....

I've been thinking about picking one of these up (Agile)... I like maple fret boards. $269.99

You may want to think twice about the Rogue. I've played one of their acoustics and it was like playing a brick.
Maybe the Gibson Les Paul Zakk Wylde Camo (long name is looooooong) ?
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is there an item number in the MF catalog?

Just for the case that i posted.... not for the actual guitar. Couldn't even FIND the guitar on MF.