flaw 1: we can spend tax money on other things instead of the war on drugs

in 2005, the U.S. spent about 46 billion dollars on the war on drugs (this includes everything: paying government employees, rehabilition costs, legal fees, police, jail fees...etc). i realize that money could be better spent, but in reality, that's not that much money if you put it in a broader context. the u.s. has a gdp of 14 trillion dollars (we also spend about 150 billion in iraq each year to give you another example). you can talk about how we have a bunch of debt as well, but this has nothing to do with that. when clinton was president, we actually had a surplus of money and we were still fighting the war on drugs. the reason we have debt and all these economic problems is because of an incompetent adminstration, NOT because of the war on drugs. sure, i would prefer going only after harder drugs like heroin and meth instead of marijuana to save money, but i don't think the money issue is that big of a deal and gets blown out of proportion.

flaw 2: legalizing Drugs will make drugs safer.

this may be true, but drugs (hard ones in particular) aren't going to be safe either way. what's honestly the difference between buying a gram of blow from a friend or from a store? drug dealers want money, they aren't out to kill their customers. drug dealers aren't going to cut their drugs with **** that's going to kill their customers. i don't really buy this argument. something like marijuana is already relatively safe, but i'm not sure legalizing drugs will make harder drugs substantially safer.

flaw 3: if we legalize drugs, usage will not increase.

i haven't seen any kind of evidence to support this. you may point to the netherlands, but this is the united states we're talking about. we have 300 million people and you can't compare an experiment in a much smaller country to the u.s. just because something works in another country doesn't necessarily mean it will work in the u.s. if people who wouldn't normally use drugs start seeing things like ecstasy and mushrooms in stores, they are more likely to give them a try. if these drugs were illegal, MOST people wouldn't have any way of getting them. lets be honest, only a small portion of people use hard drugs and if they're pushed underground (illegal), most people aren't likely to come across them. only if people are looking or want these types of drugs will they find them. if we legalized them, people are much more likely to try them if they can simply buy them in a store. sure most people probably wouldn't buy these types of drugs, but the fact that much more people get exposed to them now is something that's not good. if drugs were legalized, you can bet your bottom dollar that me and almost all of my friends would be buying tons of ****. i think it's very naive to think that usage won't increase.

flaw 4: if tobacco and alcohol are legal, why shouldn't other drugs?

ok, this is a pretty dumb argument as well. yes, tobacco will increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, lung problems, and tons of other stuff, but this generally applies to the people who smoke 2 packs a day for 30-40 years. tobacco won't alter your brain or your appearance like harder drugs will. (you've all probably seen the pictures of meth and heroin addicts in health class, so i don't think it's fair to compare tobacco with harder drugs). tobacco won't really make you violent or paranoid either. we tried banning alcohol before and it obviously was a failure so i won't talk about alcohol here, but i hope you understand what i'm getting at. you may also point to the fact that tobacco and alcohol kills more people than all illegal drugs combined. well duh, tons more people use tobacco and alcohol. 50 million people in the u.s. smoke cigarettes and there's many more people who drink alcohol. there isn't 50 million people using meth or heroin or cocaine.

with all that said, i would like to point out that i think the war on drugs has been a failure and that if it is to continue, major improvements need to be made. i think marijuana should be decriminalized nationwide and should be allowed for cancer/aids/serious disease patients if their doctor says it ok. but i have some real concerns about "legalizing drugs" so i want this to be a mature discussion about this. please keep the "DrUgs R BaDdDD MMMMMMM K?" and "i SMoKE tHE MaRY JaNE eveRYdAy!!!@ LeGaLiZe thAt ****!@!!!!" out. thanks
The fact remains that the government shouldn't have a say in what we expose our bodies to. If we want to hurt our bodies in any way, its our choice, the government has convinced the people that they have a right to say that we can't choose for ourselves.

Look at it this way; why the hell is suicide "illegal"?

I'm for drug legalization, but I'd never do any serious drugs... my motives are entirely based on ethics and human rights.
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Hmmmm, drug thread.

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