what songs have pich harmonics not songs with just one or two but like riffs based off them.done used searchbar by the way
Black Mass Reverends - Black Label Society

every Few notes in the main riff, there is a pinch harmonic

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almost all of Zakk Wylde has pinched harmonics
No more Tears - Ozzy Osbourne is a good example of it.
some zakk wylde songs and also when he covers randy rhoads song
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obvious one is zakk wyle but also look up "sentenced - may today become the day" the main riff in that is great for working on pinch harmonics
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Cemetery Gates by Pantera--fun and easy.
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Floods - Pantera.
The solo.
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Bon Jovi.

Richie Sambora uses them ALOT.
But it depends on how much you like them.
well anything from my man zakk but i usually just use pinch harmonics anywhere i find cool iron man with pinch harmonics sounds cool
suffering overdue-BLS is a pretty sweet song,for once the pinch harmonics actually add an edge
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Guns n' roses songs (they all have them)
Slash is under rated on these

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Andy Timmons - Deliver Us has a few thrown in (not that many though).
loads of tunes by zz top have great pinch harmonics in... billy gibbons is a master with the squealies...
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um that one lamb of god song to which i currently forget the name

lots of zz top, van halen, guns n roses, zakk wylde
Check out Panama by Van Halen, and Sex Type Thing by STP, they incorperate some cool natural harmonics, if you want a break from pinch
Any black label society song has them, Zakk Wylde and Nick Cantanese are masters of them, check it out.


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