hey guys

i actually traded for the pedal on here. i'm not a huge electric guitar guy, so i don't use the pedal too much anymore. it's still in good to very good shape. it's actually a pretty awesome pedal if you're into that type of music/playing style.


that's the pedal. i'll post some pictures of my actual one on request.

i'm looking to trade for xbox 360 game(s). the main game i want is madden 09.

Other games I'm looking for are soul calibur IV, mlb 2k8, racing wheel. other very LOW wanted games i want are assassin's creed, gears of war and sid miers revolution.

all games i want are for xbox 360. if you are looking to trade let me know. like i said, the wah still works excellently and will impress you if you're looking for that type of music effects.

alright thanks... you guys can reply, pm or email me: allenmurphy @ gmail . com

got madden

looking for soul calibur IV or about $60+.. just buy scIV or too human..

come on this thing is a nice pedal. Why no interest? I'll take cash offers as well.