Hey guys!

So last weekend me and my best friend got in a fight because she felt that I degrade her. She got got mad at me because I called her stupid and when I said that I was only joking around. She has never had a problem with that before because she knows that I know that she is very intelligent. But last Sunday, she snapped. I've been trying to call her all week but she won't answer her phone. I left her 10 messages apologizing.

This morning I checked my email and she told me that our eight year friendship was over. She also said that she was tired of trying to please me and her parents at the same time. The end of the email broke my heart because she told me to not call, text, email or drop by her house because she won't respond

I didn't think that I had any standards fro her at all. The only thing that I ever asked from her was our friendship. I'm not ready to end it. What should I do? (besides not calling her stupid)

P.S. I'm a girl!

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Lawlisaurusrex, that sucks dude

She's probably just PMSing
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Unless you're sure she likes you, telling her you like her has a 110% chance of failing.

But hey, at least you have a 10% chance of absolutely guaranteeing failure.
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Aha, silly high school drama.

She just wants attention. Just go to her house and talk to her, she will respond, she was just being melodramatic in that email.

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Yeah, go to her house. Just tell her that you want to talk about it, and tell her that you didn't know that it hurt her that much when you said things like that, and that it won't happen again. Let her know that you knew you were wrong and that you will do something to fix it and make sure it won't happen again.
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youre either gay, or you like this girl more than you let on...... but seriously give it time.... and dont call her stupid yes?
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youre either gay, or you like this girl more than you let on...... but seriously give it time.... and dont call her stupid yes?

Um... I'm not gay. She's my best friend how would you feel if it was yours?

Give it time. If she really does like you, she'll come back.
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number one dont all her stupid any more or you will piss her off again and i agree with most of the people above me... PMS, give it time
umm, I'd write a letter apologizing and saying you don't want the both of your friendships to end..Be sincere about it x1000 and say you'll give it time, no rush y'kno? leave it at her door or mailbox in an envelope...don't give it to her parents or they might get involved or maybe she might you're sucking up to them...

maybe she's like that 'cuz something bad might happen to you if you were close to her, y'know? like the movies
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She sounds kinda crazy to be honest.

Yeah, go to her house. Just give it atleast a week first though. She's probably still upset.
im guessing your a guy? eh she's a girl in High School. Do the f*cking math. Period!

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Time heals all wounds. Wait a week. Apologize again.

If that doesn't work, chop off an ear to show how sorry you are...or kidnap her parents.
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