Okay, lately there have been LOADS of people asking where they should go on a date with their girlfriends INSTEAD of the movies so I made a list of places you can go and things you can do.

Rules: i make the list and each person cancontinue it, next to the suggestion you should leave a small explanation, don't post too much spam and stupid comments.

Where To Go On A Date:

1) The Movies, this is the most common place to go but it's one of the worst because it involves very little talking and interactions, I don't recommend it as a place to go on your first date

2) Go for a walk with your girlfriend/boyfriend, to the park, to a river, through a forest, you could sit down somewhere and talk and get to lnow eachother better (and do other stuff )

3) Go to the beach, wether it's a lake, the sea or the ocean the beach is a great place to have fun, it's romantic and you can talk to your gf/bf.

4) Go to a Restaurant or a cafe you can talk for a long time and enjoy a good meal.

5) Bowling, this is probably one of the best places to go, you can talk your "companion" and you have fun bowling.

6) A Picnic, this may sound stupid but if you do it right you could end up having a great time

7) Go to an Amusement park, the circus, the zoo

8) Biking is good aswell

9) Music Shows, wether in a real concert or in a pub/bar/cafe you could go see some nice gigs.

10) Invite her/him to your place, watch a movie together, listen to music, play a song for them, show them your music (if you write any)

11) Some other Ideas: Sailing (or any other boat), going for a drive around town, mountain climbing, hiking through nature, horseback riding (kind of rare).

I hope I helped some of you out, now you can carry ont he list.
12) Swim to the moon
13) Clime though the tides
14) Penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide

Sorry, I couldn't help it for some reason.

+cookies for reference.
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12. Mt. Moon
13. Pallet Town
14. Celadon City.

dont forget the beautiful saffron city.
And the adventurous safari zone.
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A park FTW!

(this should be in the relationship thread BTW)
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isn't this what the relationship thread is for? what's the point of branching off a topic that could easily be associated with it and making a whole enw thread about it?
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