I just learned that, and am looking for something similiar, with good melodic sound, but a bit faster, so'as to improve speed and technique. Anyone got suggestions? All genres open except death metal.
A beautiful melodic solo by Gary Moore from the song "No Reason to Cry" is a fantastic solo.
Full of emotion and not too fast, with good technique needed,
try that one out.
Good luck
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Maybe some Mark Knopfler/Dire Straights stuff? I'm not sure if it's faster or not but it's somewhat similar in style.
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Gary moore! God, I love him. I'll learn whatever that song is (I already plan on learning 'Still got the blues' in a month or so). Really good suggestion
Parisienne Walkways too.

Any of Slash's stuff will give you a good workout too...Sweet Child of Mine and November Rain will do for starters.
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