that i have tendonitis in my fretting pinky, which was my worst fear. Do any of you guys have the same problem and have any advice? On another note, would it be better for me to switch back to a fretted bass since allegedly they require less pressure to properly play a note? thanks

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MIM Jazz fretless
180W Ashdown 12"
Damn, I've never had it in any of my fingers. I had it in my shoulder from playing baseball. I just had to take it easy, not over exert it, I also had a band type thing that I wore. Its only temporary, or at least it was for me, so I suggest taking time off bass and learning a new instrument, probably drums would be a nice substitute.
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Well, I have no medical knowledge of tendonitis, except from a scare I had when I was 14 and palying guitar 2-3 hours a day. I slowed down for a few months, and it went away. Did you ask your doctor if it would be ok if you played less, but still played?

Also, considar trying to use your pinky less often. I would try some SLOW and relatively straight forward riffs without your pinky, and see how it feels. But I would wait until you had talked to your doctor first. I cannot stress this enough, your doctor needs to be "in the loop".

I am big into weight lifting, which has similar problems; in that if you get hurt training, you are tempted to still lift. But heres the thing, if you keep lifting, that temporary or relatively minor injury can become a big permenant one. So the best thing to do is put your health first, your muscles/brain has memory for motions, your licks will still be there after you heal!

And like I said, you might be able to adapt your style to use your other 3 more often...Tony Iommi did it!

But please, check with your doc first, and run options by him.
I have tendinitis in my left arm and a pretty off and on case of carpal tunnels. This has lead me to playing with a really really soft touch which has in turn cleaned up my playing and made playing more bearable...Still hurts but playing bass is worth the slight discomfort to me.