Hi everyone,

In your opinion, what are the amps AND pedals that give the best amp models ?

I heard that Vox make a pretty good job there, as for the Valvetronix and Tonelab products...

Thanks for your answers
Cheapass Valvetronix...
But I heard good things about the Tonelab
I vote for Line 6..
(however my Spider III does suck...)
But the Pod X3 live is just ... too nice for words
Squier Standard Telecaster.
Random Ibanez GIO superstrat
Takamine EG440C Maple Blue

Line 6 Spider III 30 w
Blackheart Killer Ant
Blackheart Little Giant

Line 6 Pod X3 Live
Line 6 Toneport UX-2
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Line 6 HD147, no doubt... but at that price you could get something to forge your own tone with.
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